Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No basketball played on these courts

March Madness is in full swing, and once again many an office worker with a basketball jones will be trying to sneak a peek at his team’s game over the Internet. Unless he works for the federal court system.

Once again our friend and source in the Eastern District (identified here only as “Shallow Throat”) has sent along a warning memo from the court IT guys. Last year, the bandwidth was nearly maxed out, and the no b-ball forces would block any streaming sports site they discovered, a tactic they’re using again this March.

But the IT guys have a graver warning this time around: Watching sports could sacrifice security. During the Super Bowl, hackers managed to get into the live feed from Dolphin Stadium, where the game was played. Anyone who watched the game on the computer got a surprise present: A keylogging program embedded in the feed.

The courts memo concludes with a sniff: “Judiciary personnel are reminded that it is inappropriate to use judiciary resources to the detriment of business processes.” No doubt the IT guys will be pleased when March Madness is over.

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