Sunday, April 1, 2007

Pack your bar card when going to Arlington…

If you’re going into the Arlington County Courthouse, and you want to carry your cellphone, be aware that pretty soon you’re going to need to have your Virginia State Bar membership card with you.

Here’s why: Cellphones, pagers, cameras and a number of other electronic devices will be banned from the courthouse effective April 23, according to the Arlington sheriff’s department. But attorneys with a current bar card will be exempt from the ban.

If you forget your card, not to worry: The sheriff’s office will have lockers nearby to store any banned items. The Washington Post has the story.


Anonymous said...

This policy needs to be instituted far and wide. Thnak you Arlington

Jim Livesay said...

I don't mind having to have my bar card, that makes sense. But with so many of us using "smartphones" now, with our calendars and cellphones on one device, we need to be allowed to bring our phones.