Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reporter analyzes collapse of Reciprocal investigation

Marisa Taylor of McClatchy Newspapers Washington Bureau has an extended article on the U.S. Justice Department’s abandonment of the criminal investigation of the implosion of Reciprocal America, first reported in Virginia Lawyers Weekly on April 2.

The article elicited more than 40 comments on the liberal blog. the Daily Kos, most of which view it, not surprisingly, as further evidence of the incompetence and corruption of the Bush Administration.

Taylor emphasizes the frustration of those who worked on the case and thought that General Reinsurance and officials of ROA should have been indicted but also notes that the abandonment came when DOJ was taking some hits for overzealous prosecution of corporate officers.

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Gles said...

So what do the lawyers think? Especially the ones that worked so hard on this case? Lay people just shoot from the hip with what is most obvious.