Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Consultant to advise on Richmond circuit dockets

A California court consulting firm will help Richmond Circuit Court judges develop a new case management system.

Chief Justice Leroy Rountree Hassell Sr. recently wrote Richmond Chief Judge Walter W. Stout III that he has selected Christopher Crawford of Justice Served for the work.

The Richmond circuit has been the only one in the state in which judges specialized in civil or criminal cases.

Few of the judges appointed recently to the court have had a criminal practice, and some judges have insisted on a different method of handling cases and took their complaints to Hassell.

After a contentious meeting between Hassell and the circuit judges, Stout told Hassell that he would attempt to develop a system in which each judge would be randomly assigned civil and criminal cases.

After that suggestion drew a complaint from two judges that the caseloads are inequitable now, Hassell decided to bring in the consultant.

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Anonymous said...

The Chief Justice is violating state law. Circuit Courts are run by circuit judges who elect a circuit chief judge. Unless Hassell has been requested by the circuit chief judge to do this, there is no authority that permits him to interfere.

A California consultant in Virginia?? To tell Virginians how to do things better? Get real.