Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nichol out at W&M

The Board of Visitors at the College of William and Mary announced in a statement this morning that President Gene Nichol had resigned following the board's decision not to renew his contract.

Nichol also released a statement, noting that he will return to the faculty of the William and Mary law school.

Nichol's 16-month tenure was marked by a number of controversies, including a dust-up over the presence of a cross in the school's historic Wren Chapel. This past week, several members of the board were called to appear before the General Assembly and to hear some members' displeasure with the recent Sex Workers' Art Show held on campus.

The board said that Dean W. Taylor Reveley of the law school will serve as interim president of the College while a search for a new leader begins.


Freddie said...

Who was complaining about Nichol's third point? I've not read anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Since Reveley was Nichol's chief supporter and spoke in favor of every Politically Correct decision that Nichol made, it is hard to see how his becoming interim President will do anything to improve matters at the People's Republic of William and Mary. I regret that I must by anonymous, because the last time I had the audacity to suggest that Reveley was not the best choice Dean (let alone President of the whole college), a number of M-W Law grads, who apparently skipped Con Law when the First Amendment was covered, suggested that I should be forced to return my dipolma for being "disloyal to the Law School." This is the state of the William and Mary mindset these days -- anyone who questions the PC culture is being disloyal and must be silenced. Free speech applies only to those who agree with Nichol and Reveley and company.