Friday, February 1, 2008

Norfolk’s Tripp quits seat

Alfred M. Tripp, the Norfolk circuit judge who has not been on the bench since October, has resigned, according to his lawyer.

The reason?

Tripp's lawyer, Carl Eason, isn't talking, citing client confidentiality.

The Virginian-Pilot quotes one source as saying that Tripp had been barred from the courthouse.

The reason?

Again, no one is talking, at least for the record. It's worth noting that reporters for Virginia Lawyers Weekly ran into the same problem as our colleagues at The Pilot. Their first story back in October was somewhat opaque. There have been stories swirling, but nothing that we were willing to publish. Still.

The bottom line: The General Assembly potentially will select three, count 'em, three new circuit judges for Norfolk, one of the biggest circuits in the commonwealth:
* Tripp has resigned.
* Judge Jerome James is retiring.
* Judge Chuck Griffith, at least for now, doesn't look likely to get another term.

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